So it was and is maybe perhaps
He didn’t know or want to care
Just to fly for a second through the air
Fingers spread out and anger damp
The greater good forgotten
Gods vengeance in bitten nails
And as you lay your head to sleep
I’ll take on the cursed deep
It’s what I am and remain an unsettled mind that’s fast wearing out
Demons nibble and on the back of the bus they scribble
Love and hate in a permanent marker
Art of the wipe clean generation
The slick hands wet perspiration
The idle thoughts up here so high and lost
Sit and wonder at the cold air and the lights below
Too fast to live? Too tired and slow
Slip your shoes and tumble a loose button an awkward fumble, a tired voice that whispers ‘enough’
Break down the walls and take a peek, a little look
See the people run. I’ve slipped haven’t i? Didn’t even know.
But the screams rush from those below

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