Black Iron River


Unlock the Circle of Cunts the foul believers
the hidden hand believes and will fall in the end
Believe nothing and nothing is
what does the Milligram teach that we don’t already know
from the Valleys of Israel to a plastic bag
but magik shows the way to tell
a nearer version of Hell and yet
look to the West and feel the lush grass
and to the East the rotten whore
Point the way through in between and stagger the odds
for the Guards of that place have violent dogs
they will ease you to sleep with beautiful colours
and chatter their lies as they soothe your brow
but between the sense of disorder and depth
the path lies forgotten and not often trod
it twists and turns to confuse the unwary
they talk endlessly and ask why are you there?
to take the spiritual cleansing air?
but wave them away and make them gone
look in between, through them and away
leave them to their cultural play
for Elves know not of hidden places and the light
but take part in festival and glorious flight
we take the hidden road that doesn’t bend
for a tear or a heart to mend
for a chance to see that place again
from where we walked and were lost
this anger, this blackness foul infects
it is lost within the sheets for bitter thankless sex
we turn and are lost to them and never found
we try to bless and utter simple prayers
but we are lost, but seek, keep on breathing the air

If You See Her Scared

Lets try to remember the shaded subtle spots
thoughts expected not to see but to heal
for the shadows lie and the heart doesn’t feel
what do you do now those times are past?
it seems to me that you deny every reality
but pick up your phone again to see
what strange things you have done to me
try to see the Golden paths the life we have is past
but pressure ties the bonds and strong
we are edged and bright and the cold stills the night
the anger you held up for me is lost
send a text and a forbidden word quick before he sees
let my head touch the floor and my heart bleed
fear the spiral and feel the burn
don’t let your heart be lost and never turn
besides our own griefs that of the street outside
where the learned weep and the Holy resign
your lips are dry again but i cannot believe
we save ourselves by taking the sorrow in greed
ever present the sore in need
but my false words turn around in forensic circles
as you pick apart the false Gods from the liar
i put a lock of hair behind your ear
my hand catches a warm fat tear
this fluid errant phase is lost in the cold
and the Police are driving past slow
stare awhile you demon thieves
for the loss of this one makes me believe
our senses are gone and our loves are lost
shadow the secret spots and take a stronger hand
the lives we lead are blasted sands
to glass and beyond the Gods hateful fire
my crown still stands, the King of Liars

To seek those who circle the world we try and blast
the seeds of our love to ages past
but I’m losing sight of you now
as the threads of your life grip tight
but i still stand six inches above the floor
on that doorstep in the snow and ice

But i struggle and i try
the tears slowly dry

But nobody explains anything to me any more
I don’t know how to speak and just get on
fingertips are cold and hurt
my lips drier than yours now but trapped
hidden in the cage of this awful crap

If you see the liars cage too bolted and hidden
give me life and take me out of it
bless my head with promises and let me see
what you can do and we talk alright don’t we?

Bushbury Hill

you can see Shropshire from here on a good clear day
beyond that are the Welsh hills and the sea
the trees are bent from the wind that always blows
cold in the Winter too especially today
but this old Oak doesn’t care much i think
somebody must have smashed a bottle nearby
there is glass under the fallen leaves that glitter
in the sun
throw the rope like a Pirate does
with a heave and a smile i suppose
try not to annoy the tree too much
by making a complete fuck up of it
but today is just for me i know
and everything works out well
the rope goes straight over and thats good
i have to be quick to tie it tight
or somebody may walk along the path
there would be shouting and Police called
i dont think i could deal with that
the clouds are low with pale blue in between them
an aeroplane is flying somewhere nice
i hurt my finger climbing onto the milk crate
but i have five minutes to admire the view
the Wrekin i can see is lit up by the setting sun
it looks beautiful and i enjoy the sight
down the hill the cemetery start to close up
the man is locking the gates
nobody can go in now, at least for tonight
the wind chimes on the graves tinkle
as they are blown by the warm wind
i’m tired now and hurt a lot
i tighten the rope around my neck
and kick off

Way of the Black Sun (nsfw)


Souls they turn and burn they want and we yearn
suns on hills far away in the distance
the light lasts all of the days and my
how the birds watch over me and we cry
save the worst till last and save yourself
the switch or the seven year itch
the bridlepath or the hidden track
step on a crack break your mothers back
a shattered thing remains to say
only the lonely never the brave

but we can still chill, for good or ill
there’s plenty of room to fuck
for the hours you wasted refused to look
you can do it if you try be brave
if the lesser hearts are still to be saved
but who is the guilty one under this God
whose children are we sweet faced things
the tragedy of the love you bring breaks our hearts
but inside your eyes the hidden stars
could we ever bring ourselves to pray
when the Witch Sisters already showed the way

Black mirrors inside Black suns for Black Nuns
my hands are upon the sacred doors
diamond marks the marble floors
the stars of home rendered by craft
and the foul of heart turn away and laugh
for Hopkins rides and stutters last

In that glade so precious our fear holds no more
the bitten fingernails and eyes that shine
try and hold still and lay to sleep
hide from the glassy stares and the light outside
the pain is never easy to take i know
from the halls of the Black Sun a warm wind blows
nevermore a care or fear, the last night is here
my hand on your thigh your bare skin, we collapse
the wave function fucked and ready to blow
but i pull your hair back in my fist and look
for the bible is the greatest occult book
lower the sense of play and forget this Hell you have
gather the senses and go write a song
save it until last, or the future always past
make it stop and shatter the grand illusions
the M6 is busy again and you have gone to sleep
the orange lights illuminate your skin in bars
your skirt has ridden up and i see your stockings
road noise and lights that swirl around
i always drive high and freaked to fuck
but i slow down to 50 miles per hour
i put my hand on your crotch or the steering wheel
i cant remember


what? fuck! the travel of soul shit indeed
what? your soul travels where?
a journey of what? where?
you think your tasty spells mean anything?
what? you are in a cycle? of what?
go dangle your fucking crystals
wave your dreamcatcher you stupid cunt
what? you have astral shit on your mind
nice, what? you dangle mad rocks in my face
hey, make a book and spread some cash
a start up for occult shit
limited edition madness in litho print cool
what? fung shoo your doodoo
your I Ching becomes ker ching
do a podcast about it and laugh
you beardy cunt
take some dmt and leash freak your groove
drive and forget it or not, what?
crystal danglers, pendulum magics
herbal life of nothing but life
make some cash you freak make some more
make some money for your locked bolted door
danglers and breadwinners spoked dude
in a beard, you wish nothing
your life is nothing but my mind alive

The Hate Exhibition

It’s quiet again so whisper and pull up the sheet
Make a shield against the a Monsters underneath
Bite your knuckle hard and shut your eyes
Set up the truths before they set up their lies
To that place they said was safe and away from harm
To trickle sweet love love and safer words
That mean everything in that moment for now I mean
But less of the burly lad and be objective and breathe
As the Sires dogs run after the red eyed Rabbits on the Heath
Better to grasp the sodden rope, to pull and cry for them
Hold their shattered bodies close and shout at the sky
To abuse, to confuse to tell it how it is
For the hater spits out blood and knows the sodden bridge
In circles of salt sing the better songs
The ones that hold aloft the sweet promises
Let the dogs bark as they run and we just sit quiet and not say a thing
If we just shut up maybe they too will get to sing
In the hollow pull up your collar boy and huddle against the wind
Pull in your feet out of the rain
These Heathers not much to shelter I know
But let that fucking cold wind blow
It’s not hard I find, to settle scores or take the axe to grind
That Black sun will shine and leave all you leave behind
Put your hands in your pockets son
The festivities of this place have just begun


The Forgotten Way


For what Jokers we are as we span our years
blast out the hidden juices we hold dear
sour nights you have and sickened dreams
you think to hold me dear and seek quieter roads
to hold hands to look to blue skies
fear not hold tight and cast a faint look at the sun
the Black Sun rising and you gasp to look
bring fire to the table, tired little angel
let me clean the mud off your feet, keep you clean
this earth clings to things more than pretty toes
yet we smile and count the stars when they come out
and if i look close i can see them in your eyes
but i move her closer to you and lay her hand on your breast
the tempters bid the ease in which we sink
for the liars always smile and the grinners always think
the fires alight and lost in triangles the feared trilogy
harder than life but twice as thick i turn aside, you lick her ass
i turn away and i am sick, and lost but hidden always
be faithful and always hold on, for the battles won
and we can lay down the heavy swords we carry
the shields with their flags and devices, unbuckle the hardy plate
sit on the grass and i close my eyes to whirl among far places
the temples and the soft warm faces that say
‘That way, beyond the emerald fields, the pass to forever’
and we were lost no longer