Lips That Taste Of Wrigleys Spearmint Gum


When you shuffle your covenant like that or like this
its liquid light coming through a stained glass window
although chalk circles always fade under foot
I like to think of your damp hand against door frames
stranger and what we want is always what we wanted
all we see, is all what it seems, but on a cut knee I get it
but I’ve forgotten already smoking the green I had
your friends are sad and stupid but I get it I think
gripping the taps swilling the vomit down the sink
watching the slider slink and the wizards never blink
you chew your gum and smack your lips
push and deter the hand upon your hip
sweet and a lovely taste sticky red lipstick
you deter the Philosophers stoned and the unblinking phone
the letters home the fires that roam sparked bitter flames
what we want is always what we wanted
and they still wring their hands at the touch of Gold
watch the sea and think themselves bold and brave
stricter lessons and battered rocks embracing wave and ice
but whats the point of abandoning a child without a map?
that’s the help we need the direction in which we bleed
when every step is a trial footsteps shadows and ghosts
every word written is for the future when they finally understand
when your last breath is taken by a falling hand
that catches the moist air less it drifts away
holding it to his face the scent the utter grace
it’s definitely Wrigleys Spearmint it was your favourite