The Last Lament of the Cold War Kids


For a second you might have thought
you had grasped the idea, put forth the sword
Think, and move again the sour jolt
Settled fear hard hearted and free yet clasped
and fired soul like glisten of gilded sex
Dethamal the hooded Crow fierce sentinel
Fettered and stillborn this love idle not
cast a stone into the Styx and see the crumbled ruins
Set forth a trumpet vile thing spreaded wings
Hatho-Met a cast crumb for awful demons
a scabbard torn in half and this England sleeps still
and the bars are wet with rain that falls from dark skies
and men in suits stand around the bed and watch the unfolding
the senseless murder the hidden truths that lie
under those sheets gripped in knuckled hand
like a burnt monkey curled and foetal
a spent orgasm wretched on the streets
a chorus and drunken punch, salt and vinegar kiss
Cold War kids have no fear just a sneer or a cast spell
a gentle nod towards the coming storms a recognition of an old friend
hands shoved deep into pockets, the cheap cigarettes
the five knuckle shuffle a bin overflowing with noodle packets
through the cagewalks and the shuttered doors they scream
and they laugh

The Black Pegasus


Soft that little space
at the corner of your lip
alone in that place
Settle the yield
bring on the hollow race
shield the innocent
some of your saliva
trickles out and drips
another heartless bitch
the tan leather stained black
by your moisture
the brass will need cleaning
the buckles linseed oil
i tighten it one hole and
the space is still there
a drip of blood the buckle
pinch the lipstick red
i pull back your hair
your eyes are wild
23 skidoo the blue arc
the rampant heart
the black pegasus
this gag is mumble tight
and yet you rasp and gasp
and i force my thumb
into the darkness
between your teeth