JD wuz here

John Dillinger
His guns had symbols of magic
Two of them he had, like hungry dogs
Bark and tear
Tucked in his jazzy holsters
In his jazzy suit
His cell locked unclean
To them
Vicious animals
Dark fist of boredom
He drew an arc, in the power
Upon his wall, cell, thick
Thrice the Trimattograph
Acteminion and Arapeth
and stepped out of this
Into the blue, his magik
Immaculate, borne of Angels
Scratched by AOS
from cursed dreaming and cursing dream
Behold his dominion
He hath no fury but boredom
Distinct, a grope in the dark
A suckled animal
Vileness and disgust, apathic filth
On Dillingers revolvers, symbols
His way out, his path to Ixtlan

The Black Love

Of course its about me
Im the one that has to watch
The eye at the spy hole
Black like a deep sea fish
I have to watch the silent figures
The dancers on the landing
Flickering lights of party
Effect and orgy
Vile dance unclean filthy
Another basic fact
A wonderful display
Finger blasted cunt
A bitter stop at the magnolia wall
Shaved bastards under the mask

At Nine o’clock every night a funny guy comes around the landings and tells jokes about how shit the place is, and everybody laughs, even me. If you don’t laugh they want to know why not? That is a horrible thing as then they have to lower the mask to speak and they have faces i cannot speak of.

“To laugh is to extend the fantasy, and the madness, to laugh is to be truly free, truly at one with your own history and mistakes. It is a proper thing to laugh, and to fuck and to talk freely. This is what we wish and we wish this most glady with love pure and simple in our souls. We do not lie we cannot. We are what you have made us from your own madness and not ours. Love we wish and love we will have”

They say awful words
Of Love and respect
Eulogy and wrote
Cardinal Grin
Black Pope, Usurper
Blood Red Lama
Cause and Effect

In the Barbed wire a white bird

Stainless steel thread
Metal thing Mercury alive
Cry Holy tears
Bring forth foul breath
Enter sudden dreams
Be still and wait
Behold the Sun it cries
Sudden air a bitter cry
This still has yet to die
This ordered yard
The stones worn hard

And yet indeed the stars whirl by
Ink black velvet screen
This angelic thing
A Teacher none the less
Stockinged leg sharp heel
A maggot supper served and lost
The gentlest touch a callous swipe
Evil thing Angelic thing
Enmeshed upon cog and gear
Able servant supply this deed
An evil thought a pleasure lost
Be still, a second
Instill life upon it, let it breathe
Let it live, this thing
It breathes and thinks of stars
It looks at them at night and wonders
And dreams, yes it dreams
Of things wondrous, and brave, these things
They give him pleasure, this happiness
Here in the Black Iron

Visiting hour

I can hear them, always
Whispered threats and their life
Their morals and guidance
Clowns that have forgotten their laughs
Ministers without papers to shuffle
One box multiple choice
They mock and argue
Vomit Debate
A circle of shit
Lifestyle whores, battered souls
Those walls look high today
They walk on them, shiny boots
Rifles loose held a scratch Key effect
Visiting day…a people masked
Shuffle in and sit down
Michael Petalengro they call
He has people who want to see
and refuse to look, masked
I stare at the wall, i trace my map
They talk and whisper, they sex up
In front of me, rampant animals
Degrees and angle, formula math
Transcription of idea marked in peeled fingernail
They converse, endless talk
I scratch and nod in boredom
Intent on escape, statement
The Guards listen, Seratonin Homies
Hooded boys, an itch to scratch and make bleed
A life hidden, bars you make yourself
Walls built by bullshit
I nod, smile, and plot.
You scream at me for release
I show you the way out
You want the map
I give it you
The Guards look at your tits
Black eyed sex cases
Take me back to my scratched walls

Wildflower in the slate roof

We were all happy, we knew no other way
There was a road that just lead on
We shouldered away small bags and walked
And laughed, and smiled
We knew no other way
And on that road we saw amazing buildings
Designed by pilgrims set in forest glades
Wrought from Jade and Crystal
Great Cathedrals and shrines
That sprang from the minds of these men
Before they too walked on to distant mountains
And we smiled, we knew no other way
Towns built by those in need of healing
To stay awhile and smile
To smell the ever present blooms of wildest flowers
They ever clear ever more sweetest petals
A judgement everlasting, a helping hand
A guide, a Mystic, to share a tale
A Jester to mock the dark and the evil
Walk on through meadows of fair land
Through the sunset never tire
Lit by Starlight


Alas eyed sun of scorching heat
Through bars painted black of wire of sweet chains
That eye that cursed thing let night air banish it
Only the windows bitter knowledge, if only
Of terror and drama this hallowed trod place
The courtyard every cobbled etched whimper
Every strip of leather beaten upon it
Take me to the end to turn and walk right back
Close your eyes, let the moon chase
To sleep, never near always away somewhere
Waking in this light, i fear the hearts of men
This Lord they have at their bedside
Strong, strength needed, a journey and a battle
This enemy who owns the sun
To cry, and dry a tear, the guards near, bastards
I sit and stare again, cursed thing, rained upon
His pride used and cast away
Be still ached centered heart, hush and bear the eye
A gentle beaten whisper echoed mockery
Will they silence this voice?
Lack of knowledge as a flightless insect
The boot steps, there are many out there
I can hear them behind the walls and doors
Their eyes like black suns, eternal comedians
Lovers of the Law, this sight, fingers jammed in ears
As their laugh vomited giggles
I draw my knees in and shrink
Another tube inserted? Another wet hospital sheet
Bandages and chemicals
A wounded soul
Fuck you Black Iron Prison

The Black Flag

Dark this sea, sick with power
Unheld and unbidden, amplified violence
This sea holds a secret tight
A stolen kiss in the night
A sordid thing, thievery of heart
Of murderous rage, Sea sense dread
On a bridge of English Oak, paced to a smoothness
By foot and peg, washed clean by blood
Rope bound wood, grained innocence
This black heart ship named Black Flag
Slips the Navy filth after a time
Its flag blackened by blood to wrap still beating heart
Its Captain paces, want to be away
Her heart as black as her flag
Black Kate, sails black seas under black skies
Lit by star alone
This demon ship, hooks within her flesh
Delight of bitter pain, of bound wrist the ships rope bites
Gather the whipped flesh of wind whipped rope
Dragged to the deck, simple fish
A prey for the sea, simple victim
The ship requires blood she whispers
and spills my life onto the oak
my carcass thrown into the boiling sea
The sour sting of salt

Jesus in the Courtyard of the Black Iron Prison

You fucking leave him alone
This Jesus, this Christ
Leave him to me, this messenger
Take your nails away
Your bleating wives
Holy men with secrets
Still the hammer blow
Make safe the bitter swords
Throw away a mocked crown
Cast aside the crimson cloak
Satan be gone, home with you
Wisdom is not needed here
Put away the books
Friends walk away
Tend your sheep
Fish your brazen seas
Pull the nails from his wrists
Carry him from the Yew
Set him down beside me
Begone, away, leave him be
We are going to build a house
This Carpenter is mine