Silver Angel

It’s an intrigue isn’t it?
A matter of fact
In the pain we inflict
And the act we act

We sharpen the knives
And settle bones
Wait for a message
Stare at the phone

Fired up and angry
You rip up the page
Swap stories of heartache
For an age and an age

Remember the cold
The damp January snow
The sense of forgiving
And the sour need to know

The ice in the air
Made your skin creep
And ever the lover
Was too fast to weep

We hammer the doors
And run to the bank
Lost we are again
And I don’t think I can get out


To be supplicant and kneel
I beg forgiveness and strength
and cast four circles
May the Ox heart beat
and settle the four houses
Let the wall be unbroken
and the triangle smashed
Fire the hedges and sparks
In Arcadia to rest and ease
the troubles of Earth to rest
to the plains of Anthemum
Blessed Eris bring wisdom
For simple worships
Let the parchment curl
and the knowledge be forgot
Let your soft hands heal
and wipe away tears
of lonely searchers and idle Monks
Stand with me on the edge of all
and point the solid way
For each to see the path and trail
for each to kneel and pray
Show me the things they built
The art they left behind
and the strength of God to heal
a day to walk simply and love

Black Prison Heart

What are these words we type
for sodden sweat soaked nights
Turn the pillow and cool down
Frown and pray
tender love to fail
as you turn away
hiding fat tears
as your man weights the night
you love him in your way
but often forget to say
but linger as he goes to work
and finger for what it’s worth
and the phone buzzes
and the prison leaks
the heart breaks
your breasts tighten
a quick reply shake
a fearful thought and say
you love him in your way
but fill yourself with danger
and think of me
that black prison heart

The Tumblers

It’s ok we hang on
with trembling fingers
and we dare not look down
at the below, the last drop
but concerned by the weight
we think of her
at our fingertips
her scent heaven bound
so perfect fractured sense
an ease of betrayal
captured heart and see
above us a Bird high and safe
A sensuous taste
of her on my lips
A last precious memory
and we relax at last
and give in to Summer
The world turns
we tumble

Love Song For Genesis P Orridge


Aside dropping your Diamonds
aside and behind the crusted veils
and the sand in your toes, trails
Full Factor Five the Lions share
the Sun that shines in your hair
a Bitterness too sweet to touch
a sweetness and the idea the face to see
a breadth of oceans deep to ignore and preach
The fires tonight bow dim and sleep
the higher to reach and the plinth to seek
Stones to carry for mournful tombs
the left seed in Hotel rooms
A share indeed a Kings belief
but the higher to climb the less to reach
Apart the soldiers stand dim
we hand in hand look to see, to touch, to break
The higher costs the battles and plagues
to mold, to sculpt, to read and fetter away
the Run goes ever on we stumble
to fall and utter dark curses
at the hardened faces of School Nurses
In Eigengrau to terrible eyes
forbidden books and slicker lies
Safe and sound to batter the doors
clear away the crack Priests, the honest whores
ring me, tell me you love me
set alight the frames and the curtains
whisky rings and Blacker wings
to spread and majestic mantras
of skin blue and heavened
Last fears are the least
and we unleash that inner beast
to collect the rhymes and the crimes of them
alas the spires topple and grind
a fall oh earth and us combined
a leer a spray of orgasm unleashed
in dark cupboards the bitter priest
the telephone is ringing and so familiar
the truth is with me and you
the form and the tattered investments
Our eyes are open, are they?
is this the thing we see and remember
do we choose the shores and seas?
I am held transfixed your hand held tight
to be suspected now to remember in court
do we use a ruse and appear?

Demons in the Dark

What blessings a gentle touch
a fear to hold tight and yet tense
Can we fire hearts fast to see
the lost things inside of me
and arrogance a virtue, a promise
But you fade and make the weight
for an honest regret ever changes
and the heat gets higher and we are grey to behold the riven light to trust
Yet bare earth lies quiet
And the fingers always seek
the better quarters the lost houses of our loves
But no matter, suck in the fears
behold the sullen faces and the worn out tears
Sink into the chains and bonds
be lost just for a moment
as our hands touch just for a second
As we pass as demons in the dark

Hold Hands

Desire the Forest dark not fear
Enchantment and deeds to brave
Those beings within glitter and shine
To set free to sing and chime
Hawthorn carves the true name
Within the a Black soil to bring the light of Faerie to those who look
To settle and to pray within
The Bower lit with gentle fire
A hark a shout the ring holds true
For me but not for you
I open my heart to gentle voices
Of deliverance to Greenhome
But for the twisted lessons of Earth
The bitter pills of demonic spite
Light the Faerie fires quietly
And listen not to mockery
Old England is a thing not far away
Under hills and across streams
And Brooks to tombs and dead Kings
An Ash to knock an Oak to see
Bless the dance of spells to break