Testing the tightness
The intimate facts
The rightness and the lightness
Pressed upon the rack
One man to sort the light
To ascertain the fitness
To work out the play
To threaten the witness
I’m tired now to play
Too jaded and sour
Too shattered after battles
A trampled heart a lost vow
I know you sit there staring
Into nothing and suck in
the cool airs and cheap candles
Flicking the pages of the magazine
Testing out the polished sheen
To Evoke to bless this song
And all that seems so wrong
And the TV murmurs nothing
The clues add up to something
But you pull back your hair
Only speak in simple asks
He idly burrows into simple gropes
Lost idols and forgotten hopes
We have no answers to give
Just lies and offers a frenzied dance
Never given an answer or a chance
We look to the world for hope
Six hearts for Eris
Ten quid for dope

Five Seconds

Let your feet dangle over the edge
Like when we were kids
And we would laugh at the people
Down there doing their things
Like shopping and loving and eating
And we looked at them and giggled
As they ran around like mad toys
And as we laughed in the sleet
The cold made us happy
We looked down we were so high
Them so small
And we laughed
I felt your tiny hand hold mine
And it was warm like toast
And my feet had gone to sleep
People were shouting at us
As it began to snow
We didn’t care
The Sun shone in you
But not in me I’m afraid
But so far up we could see
All the fields in the distance
Dappled by sunlight
But next to me the snow
Was falling and your hand was gone
And the sunlight was a thought
Below the shouts were screams
And I pushed off the ledge
Five seconds

Songs for Bastards

The night is quiet for once
And the monsters have gone deep
No time for idle gossip
And we chase the chance of sleep
We cast the fine nets far
And bless the moons above
For the last chance to feel
Is also a chance to love
No frost for warm hearts
No liars bower
But a chance to breathe again
And leave a simple flower
We battle Dragons don’t we?
At night, in the dark
We thrust a sharpened sword
And rattle bones for power
But the seeds are set in stone
And the kids have all gone out
And I wake up blind and scared
And then I start to shout
Let small touches wither
Find hard hearts to soften
Let fingers soak in bleach
And wander to the edge
Words and actions slow down
As we reach the end


Do we gather too much, our arms full we stumble.
Our eyes too blind to see the expanse of Heaven.
Our lips too numb to kiss and make well .
Too fired to pick through the shards.
Love me and make the screaming stop.
Hate me and settle the quick beating heart.
The Iron fingers that pry too deep.
That unsettle and prise away the sleep.
The glance and the endless distance between us.
Just a touch away
But too far for simple play

Furthest Shore

The corpses of their battles thicken the grass, their loves finger the setting sun and cry out.
But I have no fears for them who grind through their days, aching for those they love.
I laugh amongst the filth and cry out with them in mockery.
What amusement as they cry, what drama.
Their words loaded with lies and untruths, their false loves and goaded sex.
Have I not stuck the knife between their ribs enough times for them to be silent?
Their flags are stained with the blood they spilled themselves.
In their dark nights I seem an entertainment a passing thing.
But I weep no more I think except in cold winds.
But for the warmth a tighter cloak than flesh does me.
The whine of the world runs free.
They love and hate do all the things they love.
But rather I would sink to a knee and eat soaked earth.
Than allow my heart to be sealed again.
There are no songs for you dearest things, never more.
The tighter my grip on a sword, eyes set on further shores.

Valeo Valui Valiturus


The Revelation of Michael Petalengro

What things do you require?
The Blackness and the funeral choir?
The Rope, the chains for all to see
or a chance to flee and live?
I offer nothing and less of that
with a quirky smile and a Black Top hat
Sense the disorder the cunning phase
to let loose or enter the sickened heart to spill

To seek annihilation at the hands of those who glean
the softer hearts and ragged followers
All at once upon that plain a brighter sense
a delicious thing of the night
to let the darkness in or to glisten and fear
I tip your head back a little
to see the expanse of innocence betrayed
the softer skin to breathe and fade
I lick your throat gently under the strap
a delicate pulse is all to tell
from that tirade into a darker hell
my fingers at your throat but soft and…

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The Last Vomit Stained Sheet

A sense of time lost i think

The Revelation of Michael Petalengro


The last truths fall as arrows
and we tangle our hands in each other
hold tight and dont let go
exchange time for blatant lust
and love no further the bitter ends
existence is a stuck elevator
and i bite your breasts
the lust a further locked door
a rusted bell bronzed and sick
heart pierced with a million cuts
if you ask me i will come
i will leave this sickness
and come to you just ask
a simple message scrawled
or tapped just a word or two
and i will fly away
just ask that’s all there’s no harm
just give me a subtle signal
and i will give it up

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Eyeless and Senseless at the Wall of Sleep

I know how you sit and what you do at night
I sense the grief and the delicious delights
as we talk and ponder the madness we exist in
and twist our hands at the wrongness of it
but alas fear to tell is to break the spell
and to fasten the luggage of this existence to our backs
a breath of air i suppose we take
the freshness of the sleeping lake
and fingers busy are a treat
for those about to slip into sleep
for a moment stop and figure the ends
i sit and the Devil takes my idle hands
for he sits at my right side and fears for me
for once given the Satan can not take away
and i fear the nights hallowed by the Holy
and wish that i was on some distant shore
with a rope and a lone tree to stand beneath
to cast it and hope in delight
that the lonely days will end in peaceful nights
bless you soft skin to touch that madness within
and i piece together the passionate sin
the sweat licked flesh and subtle pain
and i stutter to do it all again
fire the heartless that bind the violence
to sink into lust and abandon the fires of this life
and i will in the end remember i hope
what you did although i have never seen your flesh
i know the teasing bitter lights
that switch through keyboards in the night
and the passion abstracted grows dimmer
and the light goes out and i stumble on paths
cut upon the rocks and never saved
i am doomed for this is the precious lie
to be the sinner and the target of such hate
that i am tempted to cast it all aside
for the hands that reach are the hands that bind
to reassure, to suffer, and to find
Break the spell please to touch the willing skin
to open your legs wide and let me in
to forget awhile the hates and crime
to fling away the cares and the desires
to be protected and hidden from them
cast out as a leaded weight into still waters
to sink into soft muds and decay
a fire heart i had and offer strict violence to all
but yet to weep and suffer the ills and torments
a lone voice that none will listen to
a sunken bastard, a prone demon heart
Another chuckling rise of Bile
Another chambered round
Hands tremble
The Steel of the Gun is warm
My Hand sticks to the Butt
I hear them outside the door
Trickling death waits out there
it trickles as its unfair and builds up to the Dam wall
It fires its own beliefs
in Bonfires of Hell
This Evil thing will not leave me alone
and wanders in every line and tale
a feeling that I may just fail
to reach those lofty heights I set
but still we wait and circle each other
and I would tear out its throat
and devour its nastiness
like a Hyena on a carcass
they speak to each other
in terms of Laws and rules
a settled heart to bleed
and every route barred
I make my own existence
It is a foul and beaten thing
among the ruins of this World
a presented thin Golden ring
To fire a round or two through the door
to hear the mighty roar
and the drop of meat upon the Linoleum
and the spread of their Black Blood under it
How tall is Evil?
A round to the head or the shoulder
I sit upon the bed and muse a little
She moves a little
aware of my strangeness yet asleep
her frown twists as some Demon stalks her dreams
and from the Holster builds forgotten realms
Fire the strange and the Demonic
as we plot the ills and histrionics
another dented passive phase
while we wander the lands in a violent daze
to build Jerusalem a bloodied Calf
to seize the day free from rotted hearts
I cock the Hammer still as the dead
and point the gun right at my head
a pantomime this is, a quiet time to think
your life under finger pressure no time to blink
someone somewhere doesn’t care
for the simple lustre of Gangster flair
or twist and turn the pages full of vomit
they wonder and we settle again to the bed
we suffer indignities and point the weapon
free the mind and leave the body to rot
a poets choice he knows that time is short
a feeble gesture for those been caught
fire the damn thing and let the blood run out
don’t let the dank fire burn then shout
for the Police check the final score
and the Public clamour and shout for more
a public deserted by God
left to scavenge for faithless scraps
and the Pastor folds the News and naps
for what greater good has he
than a God that loves not you or me
set the course make the grade
the magic lives and the magic fades
the Cops and Robbers pantomime
wears on for oil and starts to grind
they will beseech you with fine gifts
and not yours to touch, to feel or lift
an Ark a Chalice a Grail to them
For him a chance to see again
the lines of Atlantis and Egypt glow and stutter
the words given to him no leave to utter
the secrets of spells hard to believe
we fire a heartless round inside
for what worth is Magic we cannot see
and affects neither you or me?
What will we do in the end dear Friend
if it cannot heal and mend
he notices he has no shoes on
they are tucked away
but the vision does not lie
he will not die today

Change Has Come

What happens eh? Who locked the doors?
Who made the fucking children cry?
We shatter our senses and pool the vomit
bring on the empty horses
scatter the fools with wit
to aggravate the bent lives
and yet within every story
the message glares back
unknown to Authors
or senseless Hacks
In every story we glean the sections
pick apart the bones
and hear you speak to us
you left us behind saved us bereft
and yet we need this softer touch
the Sun warm on our backs
as we laugh and run down the lanes
and the Hedge Blossom twirls
and the Universe whirls
and negates the sorrow
takes away all our Tomorrows
we sense i think the life beyond
to settle our scores and woes
to kneel in front of worthy things
and delight in all the things he brings
another infinity to fly
across those visioned deeps
The crowns of Kings may rot
and further more cast a yoke on them
but you run faster than them
and laugh, hold out your hand
and we cast aside the griefs
the doubts and the thievery of Love
and although I stand here
and the crowds move around me
i know you will love me