No Sheen like Pethedine




What are you
i cant see you but
you were there
just out of vision
a little out of care
but enough to know
you were there
and then you squeezed
my shoulder
and i cried a little
and so did the nurse
and it meant dont worry
even though
my heart has annihilated a thousand suns
ive always kept you near and never far
and so you are, a treasure
and this song will in the end
wash away, into the rains

Forgive dont Forget-Breathe but Weep


All i had in my hand was a pen
as she slipped her breast free
you see? I inked demons
and castles and fears
this seduction with fantasy
and you pinch it tight
and remain breathless
your drug cracked lips
part a little i settle
a word and write it down
scratched and feeble
she parts it with wet fingers
and chokes herself with gloved hand
and yet i suspect and scribble
and she weeps a little
and does a tiny shiver break
and her orgasm glistens
and her system revealed
two golden wings faint but true
a holy Angel in masturbation
i write the numbers
and figure the deal
her fingers furious
The Calamity and terror
from heaven tears and sorrow
the record is done
this i cry for you
and for your sins
i hold her throat tight
and look to heaven

Every Banner is Stained


I’m not sure to be fair
that the light is exactly the same
or the shadows on the wall are stains
maybe the distinction lacks the real
these aspects of the Prison
break in and set you up
and put you in a line up
for the fuck ups and the deadbeats
the Cave trolls and the KY Warriors
what would they say
if we packed things up and went away
how would they react
if we gave them all the sack
and inside i know its bullshit
and the act a final breath
but why go to all the trouble
all the rigmarole
the endless streams of shite
your civilisation stinks of shit
you made it all up i can tell
the hurried hand of a puppeteer discovered
The Wizard of Oz jerking off
behind his curtain, the good fairy
getting fucked by a Munchkin
or a winged ape
we know Arnie cant speak or act
we guessed the truth early on
the peeled paint reflects
the dirt and filth of this place
signed in for filth and depravity
sickness and vomiting, gun crime
pastel Mickey Finns dosed in clap
its ecosystem ravaged by hand and metal claw
sink no deeper thief, Ice cold con man
please leave my poor mind alone
let it be for a while, please

M is for Morphine


When the Morphine drips away and the night closes in
the Clowns from under the bed, come out to play
and they wont take no for an answer
when it comes to you playing their games
no sir, out of the bed, to the shower
and under the covers sweet lovers
sweaty hand jiving amongst the wires and tubes
joyless merry go round
plug me back in and let me in the clouds again
where subtle butterfly thoughts
twinkled through blue skies
and they took away my food
instant oats, they thought i had finished
but i was gathering strength
to pick the spoon back up

New Shoes

20090129152811_large a2

I watched as two big black dudes fucked you
and your mascara had made black tracks again
you know that freaks me out
a trail of snot from your nose
clumps of cocaine in it
that drips around his cock
as he fucks your throat
the black dudes shoes are on the floor
pristine white Nike Air Jordans’
The dude at the other end is sliding
his fat cock into your ass
and you are on another plane
but i wonder to myself
why do black dudes always have
new shoes

Black Eyed Blonde


You turned and smiled
under the harsh sodium security lights
and the rain on the windscreen
turned the interior into a curtain
of a million amber drops of light
as the cold wind blew sleet
against the sides
i put my hand up your skirt
over your pull ups to your bare thigh
and you laughed
and i did too
as i watched them shuffle
in the shadows scared
outside in the rain and sleet
your sweet lips parted
and i kissed you goodbye
your breath tasted of coffee and mints
and i could still taste it
an hour after
as i sat listening alone
to the Winter winds
rock the car
your perfume lingered
like a lazy cat
and an hour later
i knocked your door
and you knew i would come
those sweetest smiles
hide the naked lust
and the uber animal
and as we kissed, my hands
were on your hips
pulling you into me
they will not let me have you
not completely
they set the bars in hard concrete
in tube and line
in cruel words and heartless cries
as they perch on the rooftops
claws ticking on the slate
and cry to their BlackSun
the screams make my teeth ache
and i wind your long hair
around my fist
a golden thread in the maze
still ignorant still enslaved
if they touch you ever
i will raze this Prison
to its foundations
and hang the black clad guards
by their entrails
from the Black Oaks

The RiverBank


The Water trickled over a collection of rocks
in the middle of the stream
and the sunlight fell on the drops
and they looked like jewels
the water made musical notes abstract
but beautiful
i turned to him and laughed
but he was already laughing
as the fish were nibbling his feet
i waded out and lay down
in the cool water
and the spray formed a rainbow
he shouted from the riverbank
he had found Apples, Peaches and Strawberries
and we ate them
as he fed a Kingfisher
from his hand

Black Cherry Lipstick


If i touched it for a second
would the needle rip the skin
traced with bitten fingertip
the gentle hairs and your skin
contracts as the nerves activate
my fingers move and write
the first verse of a Puritan hymn
and as i put the words
around her nipples i hum
gently on her clitoris
Jerusalem quietly and softly
and she parts her cherry lips
and she has a bit of pizza
stuck in her teeth
and a soft breath escapes
as i taste her freshness
bridge of ached lust the glassy hours
of forsaken love and let the snow fall
a cutted vein splashed
my tongue traces words
the three lovers
four seats to the left
and twenty three to the right
of the Brightstar throne
the swell of her abdomen
gentle soft light
as the horizon swallows the sun
and a hidden gasp as her self
obliterates and births a star
that explodes in her body
and every ray a joy
every node a spartan pleasure
and she peaks these fingers
ache and offer a subtle pain
her eyes through the mask plead
and i sink the needle in
Take a breath
A deep one