The Garden From The Window


I would creep behind you at the window
as you looked out at the garden
your hands in the soapy water
and would put my hands under your shirt
and tease a nipple cup your breast
and my other hand in your crotch damp
and then you would taste its wetness
my fingers down your throat
you are still sore
from last night but
you like the pain
you have to get to the far edge
to see whats underneath

Blue Lines Red Lines


When you bend right over
and i pull it tight
and we dream of the lovers
that sealed the night
deep in my black heart
a secret love
Choked held tighter still
the facet believed that even
tender nights, still
hold that last breath
in the pit of the stomach
and metabolise the oxygen
in the lungs and then
at orgasm reach for the
gas place, breath kitten
the subtle bow of sparkled light
as breath feeds the blood
pumping hard fucker
breath at fucking orgasm
one breath and the mask
this awful thing
taped and bound
hold the fear and ask
why the simple vapid gasp
as the world falls away
the eagles have come to play
i bite your nipple hard
i cant hear what you are saying
the lines intersect
Daley Plaza-Manson-Laurel Canyon
Vulcan bombers-UFO-Ant people
i stick my cock in you
and fuck you like a bastard
dirty fucking slut
and wonder what they did
how they did it and why

A Review from May 23 2098


Transcription description
‘The Black Iron Prison Songs’ by Michael Petalengro

It was in many ways a seminal work of Post Consumer writing which influenced the greater works by Pascalle and Halud. Petalengro falles into a simple task run free with Tamask and Frei not know simple tunes fill his music with laugh. None will stand here with him however his influence throughout The Great Tumbrill and the arrival of the Space Us never knowing his full and well knowledge is admirable even charity and love. Let this be an understanding that Michael Petalengro new release of love “Songs from the Black Iron Prison” If the Northern winds grace us cooling this summerlike we may give a thankful verse to Petalengro for mappage and for larging nice thanks about him in his love. Let one know if one should look beyond the eye and ear to remind one and others that a work omiited is emitted let it be said this verse or bar is of the title ‘A Review from May 23 2098’ is included first time for long time. Barter Wheat for this.

Aymon Heart

Rust Never Weeps


This far from Earth
Dilation station the mass
of it swollen bent universe
and possibly destroyed
we drift aimless
engines are gone
and we drift into it
blameless perhaps this thing
it sucks us in
but not for sustenance
the engines are gone
rusted canyons river bowls
the MI6 agents stationed
erupt into cataclysmic rage
a sermon yes he stood up fine
as clean as you like and started
to shout and pontificate
the reasons of the seasons
the wrongs from the greater wrongs
all the disciples and writers
stand together as a mass
shout we all love the thing
that makes us strong
the landing at Roswell
was a fact oh yes
maybe even a fantastic best
let the munchkins dance
as they lay out the red carpet
in case the beasts want to start it
we have to have the press involved
a troop of cadets
to make the weak strong
then he sat down like a Preacher man
shuffled his feet took his book
and threw it down
and the cockpit was a tight place
full of stuff to make
the heart race
and that orange glow filled the glass
took a look and took a pill
666 degrees of sky
I only took these wings to fly

Black Iron Blue


Oh Lord let thine hand protect me
Let the man be gone
Let the sun shine freely
Let this Black Sun be gone
Woe to thee my son
Let the time be done
Let the hollow man be away
From me
Let the wind blow
Why to get the sad times gone
Let them be gone
Protect me from the gun
Let the Wind blow on
Woe to thee my Lord
Let this son be gone
Let the Black Sun shine
Then be gone
Woe to me my Lord

One of These Days


Let me rest my head for a while
in this place and protect me please
lay me down to rest and look over me
make the noise die down to silence
let the breeze blow gentle
dont let them follow me
bid them to be gone
put your hand upon my shoulder
and guide me to my place
im tired now and ready to go
no more songs of regret and sorrow
just one foot in front of the other
just point the way
and i’ll be off

The Black Dog


He came back today wagging his tail
and bit me in the heart again
he tore it from my chest
and threw it on the floor
i laughed and scratched his head
and wept a little
thank you little black dog
but i dont know why you come
my story has been told
theres nothing left to say
all the clowns have packed up
and gone away

Black Iron Fuck Demon


That dark forest captured nightmares
like cursed spell and battered heart
But still the smell was perfumed
and yes death smelled the same
yet the tangled rooted mass
you were flung and nailed
for this is the way of Imsalla
The way of the horned goated thing
this presence erected and filled
with resinous fever so bright
and foul it leaves no residue of lust
or fear but let for a moment
this bloodstained cloak fall
and bare your breasts for this
night a woman as fruitful as thee
and wanting shall have the abstract love
of the cold between the light
and the dark fear no more of retribution
and angst at the rack and fire for
i am not a Christian man but one cursed by God
and the Satan and thus are left between the
salted line and uttered prayer
the line only holds a while and you
may toy with my interests such a trifle
as they are but beware and be quiet of heart
for the rampant thing in me does
tremble at a human heartbeat
and fear the night short
oh Witch fear not the bright light
it is not that of those asleep
in tender dreams of restlessness
let those shake with lusted need
and bitterest alkaline kiss
of copper tongue and metaled saliva
this forest this history forged
Witch i am Athomod this is true
and Longinus and John Dillinger
I am the six Eagles and the dam wall

I forced my thumb further down her throat
as i fucked her hard and with the other
hand i placed it around her throat
and squeezed hard

Let this be known Witch
I have seen the end for thee and thine
a kindled breath ever sad
Lasted but ever fragmented this thing
you know not of spells although mighty
and knowledged for thou art imprisoned

I was done for spent and tired
she was aroused, streams of saliva
fell from the ball gag in her mouth
and a black iron dildo
slid in and out of her ass

This place cursed has no meaning to me
Thou hast made this place so
Witch the Christian fire awaits for you
This place and me you have made

These are the Walls


I stabbed him in the leg with a knife
I stabbed him with a pen in the neck
I kicked him in the face and broke his jaw
I headbutted him on the nose and fractured it
I hit him in the head with a hammer
I put her in a mental hospital
She divorced her husband after i fucked her
I knocked his door and sprayed him with CS gas
I hit them both with my axe
I made him watch as i fucked her
I made her join in as i fucked her
I ran him over just missed his friend
I cursed a dieing man to his face
Then shit on his grave
I smashed his knee with a Brick hammer
I destroyed his car
I set fire to his car
I bounced a chair off my teachers head
I made both of her friends join in as i fucked her
I knocked him out with one punch
She was 17 and stupid and i fucked her
Then i fucked her Mother
She sucked my cock on a toilet floor
I stabbed him in the hand
They were trapped with me in a lift
I had a gun and terrorised them
The gag broke her tooth
I have though Ill of my parents
These are the bars
These are the locked doors
These are the walls

End To It


It was enough to see the sicker self
annihilated sex machine fucker
the stuck and blasted video tape
the id card and the lost wallet
they all want answers but the wise men
stay quiet
henceforth let Anthemom sleep
let the black parliament bicker
over the morsels given
what are you but a thing
another scratched name and date
a urine stained shop doorway
what punishment for you
what pain to give
a wet tissue crammed in a pocket
another politicians joke
Jesus doing a ketamine freak
what punishment but this
a theme park for cunts
a whizz around the tree tops
and a sugar filled stomach
what more than this
love this and lose it
a favourite pair of shoes
a fast clicking clock
a last ticking bomb
a locked and licked kitten
what offer of violence
to cut and stab the offender
to torture the defender
to break the brainwave
static non cling loving
pencilled hopes on scraps
no one left to read them
everybody has gone