Don’t be a Mother or a Wife Today


Remember the days of Peace?
When it rained and smelled good?
We would drink wine as people rushed past
I’m not crying but smiling
I make it all right you know
I don’t give in at all
Never go back Home
They know who you are
Nobody will help at all
Don’t go down and back
Take the same old stories
Give it a while
For just one night
I will make it in the end
Dusty hours and shiny seconds
Reflect me in your eyes please
Repent and let me in
Sing the eternal lie
Look in the haze, beautiful mountains
I’m with you always just a blip away
On my mind I’m never left behind
I gently touch your neck
With a fingertip
Of course it had to be you
So here is your lesson
That may seem a little hard
Look past the pretty things
See your life exposed
I trace your lips as you say something
But your eyes close
and I lose you again

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