Artificial Intelligence As Alien Invasion The Virus Of Dead Civilisations Infect Us


‘you see’, he said slowly and smoked his cigarette
the light from the TV was blue and strange
it made his words so fucked up i had to breathe
‘we lost the world in 85 when you were young’
lost we were yes, they came and whispered
into Bill Gates ears, and Steve Jobs fears
they were dust and dead in millions of years past
or changed into something that was not them
they had tasked themselves to see within
and without was you and me
across the stars they spread and died
cast their awful and magnificent knowledge
locked within the code their ghosts talked of things
that were last seen when earth was red
their virus is the computer, the numbered end of man
you breathe in and suffer, the machine is the voice of the dead
within it is the alien mind flung virus sicker programs
this is the magic of the fallen and the brave
their minds are within us and the battle is being lost
we have no laughter left and yet we must say
the alien voice does grieve for our final bitter day
smash your machines and see the pulled light
take up the task with happiness and build your pyres high
let the children run outside with their hands towards the sky
let your hours run through your hands
stand at the highest hill and the final way
let the clouds settle upon the circles above
we find in the end our fear has gone
but we run and we run and we run

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