Left Field Trilogy



Every journey has a destination. To deny that, is to deny what actually achieving something is. And to be honest any attempt to pass on this information that doesn’t involve face to face conversations and relationships with people that last over years is fraught.

Yeah, the “something” is called Foreign and Domestic Intelligence Agencies and their purpose is to hide themselves behind veils and lies while they rape you of your money and send it on up to the top.I am against irresponsibility, and against dragging innocent people into dangerous situations. 
“The ‘frozen zone’ is an arbitrary, official police business-sounding title that has absolutely zero legal merit. It’s something the NYPD made up, just as the ‘First Amendment zone’ is something [Los Angeles Mayor Antonio] Villaraigosa made up to suppress media coverage of the Occupy raids.” police had been waging a campaign of harassment against the young man (including taunting him about a friend who had died in a car accident.

l the victims of the shitstem, above the law machine of slaves castrating and berating their brethren. om 2004 to 2006 and later as the ranking member of the committee. “They were gutted in the 1990s. They were sending raw recruits in….



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