Not so Placid Geometry

Writing about football is tough. When you have a Metaphysical mindset it’s difficult to extrapolate complex metaphysical themes out of something that is (at first viewing) a none spiritual object or event. But I threw myself into it with the same enthusiasm I do with everything. Alas, I failed. These themes didn’t really get absorbed with any kind of happiness by the vast majority of fans. The trolling was off the scale. I thought I had developed a tough skin but the Cancer jibes and the hope that my death would be soon kind of wears you down after a while. What are we to do? The creative energies are still strong. I still write and I still paint. Indeed, I have painted more over the five months I have quit writing about my team than I ever have. They sell too. I do still paint about the away day and matchday experience. The alienation and dysfunctionality of travelling to watch your team still had tremendous mental reverberations (for me at least) that have to be painted, explored and discussed.

Now of course I can discuss these themes in more detail. The same detail I used in the previous posts on this blog. It’s an arena and an adaptive strategy of sorts. Here is the opportunity to detail themes and experiences on a somewhat narrower stage i.e It’s not about a team or a Town/City but broader. I have been writing for a few Argentinian and Mexican football blogs since I stopped writing about my own team. This has been a good experience. It has lead me to doing artworks and prints for Aktion Rojas a Mexican Community Print group of primarily Mexican women protesting about Cartel violence. I have written for Peruvian Indigenous groups and forged links with Argentinian Community arts groups. It’s been positive and good.

The Black Iron Prison is now my portal to the rest of the world and through this portal I will be sharing my art and more of my writing. I envisage it to be the most honest place I can develop the themes and ideas I have for the future. It will also be the place where I will offer my art up to people who will enjoy it. You see it’s all about honesty and producing art using no resources what so ever. If you know me well enough you will know I make my own paper for printing and artworks. I also make my own inks, pigments and paints using natural sustainable sources. No power is used whatsoever. Nothing is wasted and nothing thrown away. There is no waste here.

If you explore this blog you will see some probably very disturbing themes. These deal with sexuality, religion, Occult themes and my experiences with Cancer and it’s survival. It’s basically a Road Map of my experiences since 2009 when I was diagnosed. But it was all positive and cathartic, it was all good.

If you are a Fan of my Football writings then you may also enjoy this too. Please follow the blog if you like, or my account on Twitter. But as a proviso you will not see anything on here about my team or Town. It’s pure art, unadulterated creativity, words and thoughts. For your viewing pleasure at the top of this page is my first Intaglio print ‘Red Sun and Birches’ which won second prize in a Competition of Fine Printing in Rome Italy. Enjoy! and stick around for more.

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