Panel 1 (full page)

This is a blasted place this Earth. There is not a plant or a blade of grass. A hooded and cloaked figure is in silhouette in an environment much like a tsunami had ripped through it but old already worn down by wind and rain. There are no signs of recent damage just erosion. It has been many years since the first cataclysm.

Caption: Here I stand. I am Longinus. I am the last witness.

Caption: This is the year 3223 in the reckoning of some men

She was a filter. I had realised last month she wasn’t some Erisean Metaslut. The whole idea of what she did to herself disgusted me. I will admit I took some asylum after these times. In small chapels I would join the congregations. I would always sit at the back and screw my eyes shut and speak to the Father and the Mother. As the hymns and the sermon droned I would see, behind my eyelids, the Black Sun. It pulsated.

Panel 2

In the sky is our sun and our moon, but there is another moon larger, fat with mass. It is much larger than our moon. The wind is terrific and whips the cloak of Longinus around him. He is holding a rose which has blown away but is still in shot. There are arcs of plasma in the sky blue tendrils of electricity.

Caption: This new moon means death for Earth. The Sun will eat her young.

The Demiurge knew me intimately. I had dreamed of it, writhing in the abyss, feeding on our hates. I knew the Nine he had placed in this Alternity. I knew she had put her fingers in her ass then licked her fingers as she looked at me and I was lost for a while.

Panel 3

Longinus is silhouetted against the two moons. The wind is tearing at his ragged cloak. We see he holds a spear in the Roman style. The spear must point to 1 o’clock as if Longinus was an hour hand.

Caption: I am the last. The cursed. Eater of maggots.

I opened the door for her and held her hand as she stepped out of the van. She was shocked that I was a gentleman. Even more shocked later when she found out I wasn’t.

I held her hand as she coughed a little as she took the first hit of the DMT. It’s acrid smoke was pulling me back a little. Her flesh was aflame from the candle light and the warm glow was a thing.

Panel 4

The moons are wreathed in plasma. Longinus himself is electrified and a tendril of this plasma
energy sparks from the tip of his spear into the sky and out of panel.

Caption(a) : Irisea they name this moon. This straggler. This end of all things.

Caption(b) : In the language of this time it means….The Last Chaos

‘Take the second hit’ I said. She sucked in the second. Number two. I could see her eyes going zonal. The Liminal state. Her nipples were rock hard but it was cool here. She held the smoke in and was slipping. I slapped her hard to bring her back and she spat at me. The liquid hitting me in the mouth and eye. I lit the pipe.

Panel 5

We see the face of Longinus, a scar underneath his chin from battle, his eyes are deep and knowing, he has seen enough of war and battle, he seeks peace and quiet.

Caption: I am the last alive. I have angered God.

‘Take the third hit’ I said. She sucked in the third. Number three. She went. I placed my wrists either side of her head and my forehead on hers. Questions.

“I never found Dick Emery funny” she said as she went wavy in the head gravy. Snotty cow. Dick Emery was hilarious. ‘Dad?’ I said and giggled as she dropped the pipe and was gone.

Panel 6

The spear of Longinus is stained with blood that glows faintly, there is something ‘other wordly’ about it.

Caption: This magic, this sorcery of the world may have saved them…

I enjoyed that ‘thing’ that a dude was on. A TV thing maybe. Donald Trump was funny. I found myself laughing again. There. A bolt of movement across…..something. A sequence of events had shifted. I fucking knew it. There it was. Fuck she had lovely tits. I moved her into a recovery position and slapped her ass laughing. I had used her to shift again and this was a new place. A new Alternity. 

Panel 7

The left hand of Longinus…again scarred from battle, he holds the spear clenched tightly the veins on his wrist standing out like cord.

Caption: …their magic allowed me to do great and terrible things…

The Demiurge provokes a glamorous and fascist edge to it’s ministrations. Looking at her on the floor I was aghast at myself. Can I not feel also? But I could feel the throb of the great engines around me. The Monads of language crashing together like great mountains and between them great forks of fire that lit the cold black surface of these abstracted things.

This situation is difficult from day to day and we have run out of substitutes and short cuts. It’s easy baby and ultimate. Preach to the unconverted and destroy the doctrines babycakes. Let that fucking animal out. Go above and beyond.

Situation civilisation is only part of the question but in reality it’s the dissolver of the question into it’s constituent parts. Her fucking is not traditional. She understands far to well how to do it. Her sex is given out in focus and fragmented parts. It has fucking insight. It’s constructive yes? 

She would be halfway there now. The stations of the cross and she has established the ladder and the bridge. We can be calm and talk about it but really I’m just waiting in these places and I’m not in control and everything I think… All be it jittery and directionless. We all self medicate and we are all our own enemies.

Sun sparkling cold and day to believe

a lost lover breaks her heart again

and those tears flow a leaden course

for sniffled sadness breaks late

after a bottle of wine I suppose

We are informed and then we are diminished. Believe in its importance and its benefits. But it’s legacy is our expend-ability. We are mere components, blind in the machine and here is no more rational argument. She was a filter and the super-ego of the Demiurge she was muted a little by her brightness and the language of understanding was broken down and lacked.

You were naked in the circle

and drank in the wonder

played a perfect part

I bit your shoulder

and you gasped

as I watched you point

to the West



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