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I mean, don’t we always demand fucking signs from heaven or miracles from the Magicians. Even….knowing full well that it’s only the ignorant and the stupid that demands a ‘show’ of the proof. They can’t imagine ‘the world that is’ in any form but the one it has now. Having tickled the edge of the world I think I’m in a good position to assert my ‘position’.

Biophotons. Light emitted by our own DNA.Light that contains a vast store of information and he human condition is demoted to that of a library book….perhaps. Sucked up by a Black Sun. We, as humans don’t suck, we are sucked. We don’t get ‘Illuminated’. We are the Illuminators. That ‘divine spark’ perhaps. The Shamans knew of course, always did.

She said: A sim could be an actor, a pre-arranged double: as in Lee and Harvey Oswald. It could be twins or just people who look alike because of happenstance. It could be from the camera, the lighting, the health of the person – so many factors.. It’s touches on the “morphogenesis fields” which are the forces from which forms arise. Perhaps tuning in to the different form types, is done by turning genes on or off..

In 1992 when the first Augustine Ritual was discussed we succeeded in Evoking an entity which  we first suspected was Augustine-like it transpired that we had fell upon some unconscious need to evoke a Goddess form and instead of the ‘Path under a Black Sun’ we had found chaos.

This first showed it’s strength by splitting the alterneties into a Gordian knot of probabilities. Somebody, somewhere, unconnected with us had a vision and so it transpired, it could be Evoked-Downloaded.

 It was instantaneous, I don’t know why we gazed into the circle at that moment and we saw this figure rise from the cast sigils which were glowing and the evocation stank of burned metal. It had a kind of chaotic form and we couldn’t make out for sure what it was at first. It started twisting and moaning as if it’s form was not clear in our minds and the random was strong in us then, we were very good.

We saw the wings and the female form and I quickly reinstated the Augustine image but it was pointless. Somehow my co worker had instigated a Goddess , seconds it took and she was resplendent like a bat she was and her wings spread from wall to wall. Eventually fully formed she laughed and that sound was as peeled glass. Her skin was Black Sun burned totally matt black.

She said: Her skin was black?

I said: Yes, under the Black Sun you give the light and the light doesn’t fall on you. She glowed with that ‘light’

She said: She glowed but she was Matt Black?

I said: Black Sun glow, it’s hard to understand but the light comes out of you not the other way around. That glow is ‘information’. She rose to the ceiling, I couldn’t tell whether her wings and arms were the same but the melted into each other but I could see an arm and fingers, a hand, she was a beautiful form. Sexual and powerful.

She said: What did we do then?

I said: We couldn’t touch the circle of salt and any banishing ritual was pointless. Anything we thought about was liable to manifest and I didn’t trust you to deal with it. You were as naked as her by this time. It was very difficult.

She said: So we didn’t panic? Phone the Fuck Police?

I said: Of course not we just looked, amazed, scared. We knew what she had done to the others. The madness they had to deal with.

She said: I don’t remember any of it. Just her eyes. Nobody knows.

I said: Of course you don’t, who would under those circumstances? We’ve just forgotten

“I find this an intriguing construction. Not because, conversely, our ignorance might empower us, but for the man’s intuition that this was not a flesh and blood creature, but an entity of thought-form.”

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