Covenant Of The Black Sun



One of the techniques/regulatory modes of power/knowledge that Foucault cited was the Panopticon, an architectural design put forth by Jeremy Bentham in the mid-19th Century for prisons, insane asylums, schools, hospitals, and factories. Instead of employing the violent methods and dungeons that were used to control individuals under a monarchial state, the new modern and supposedly democratic state needed a different sort of system to regulate its citizens. The Panopticon offered a powerful and sophisticated internalized coercion through the constant observation of prisoners, each separated from the other and allowed no interaction. The modern structure would allow guards to continually see inside each cell from their vantage point in a high central tower, unseen. The constant observation was seen to act as a control mechanism a consciousness of constant surveillance is internalized.

She wasn’t anything really. just another grasping hand, another WifiActor. Redolent in red the ultimate Erisean nightmare, the breasts, the pout, the looking over her shoulder to see if I was looking. Of course I was, she was a Goddess. But she wasn’t anything. She applied herself to the baser and shallower instincts we Wizards have. The sense that the sexual act is just a precursor to knowledge. Although later that night she gagged on my fingers as i finger fucked her mouth the knowledge remained elusive and I let her fall onto the bed. But just then, brakes, a car in front of the house.Sync.

Some remembrance of my true self and my past made me ashamed to be here. I was a thief that had stolen love and was proud in the stealing away but now faced with this sight I felt it had been for nothing and the thievery of myself had made me proud. This feeling grew within me and I looked down and saw that a manacle was on my ankle and fixed to a heavy thick iron chain which disappeared into the ground. I laughed for a reason I did not know and this laughter fell dead in the thin air of that place and I knew then I was not upon the Earth but some other place forgotten by the Magis who had made it. Thus was this place called ‘Aemone’ and was a hiding place of the Magis made some forty thousand years before and they had forsaken it and forgotten its position so left abandoned and lost it was. I knew nothing of why the old man had wanted me to see this deserted and lost place but I felt a famine within me, a hunger for redemption of the crimes I had committed and knew nothing about, for was I not brought into the Prison as a Prophet and Revelator?

These Illuminated Lizards feel no pain when they die. Their accumulated power they miss of course but the return to the abyss is painless and benign. Within the abyss their ‘Eigen’ bodies await their return. Memories of the bright sun warm their thoughts which as smoke weave their way between their terrible brains not by synapse but by sigil and word.

For is not the sigil the system on which this travesty is built? Let no one forget the Black Sun, our Saviour. For didn’t the Druids say…

‘In cycles similar to a season the Lizards in the end of Winter come. The Winter of Mankind is to pass and at last the few that remain upon the blasted ground do see green shoots and pure water as the Eigen heals the earth. Then the Lizards come, to preen and manipulate shocked minds ill prepared for the gift they bring. The word scratched upon a giants thigh bone. Urta [the earth] and all is lost for humans’

‘The Black Sun, Saviour arrives at the Autumn of this cycle. Man lost and suffered, raises their hands and implore release from the words and sigils of the Lizards of the abyss. They throw their weapons into the dust and throw away their Holy screeds. Trampled are the pages they once loved. Trampled are the thoughts of God they held for behold, and abase yourselves. Black Sun, Artutrah, Bal-ion, Urcuda, Sha’hil the names carved upon the ancestor memory of the countless cycles lost to the abyss and what dwells within’

We are upon the end, the journey full of hope at one time lost. The cycle is done and mankind and all living things will die and this is the hope of the Black Sun. For it comes to cleanse and renew the earth. The Black Sun will fill the sky and from it’s surface they will come. The Renewers and the most Holy. Their blessed black wings will sound as a hurricane and their number will be 23.

Cardinal Richelieu: If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.

Lizards they will devour first and their number shall be nothing within the first day and the void they call their spirit shall be made into a tall blue pillar of light and this will illuminate the earth and its humankind. For the Black Sun shuts out the light from the Sol. We will be judged and found wanting and for every 23,000 souls judged one will survive and the Most Holy will kiss them upon their brow and be laid onto green grass and so sleep. The rest as chaff, blown away on the wind as shadows for the black sun allows only light from the innocent to illuminate the way, and the wicked know no light as that. For their hearts are void as Lizard.


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