Fuckliminal 23 Obsessed Cunt


It does seem that there was a shift in the Eigen, however it’s understandable given most folk avoid Phasing and Liminal states if they can, preferring the dominant narrative as that does provide many certainties and social benefits. The right Tools for the Job of getting on with your life rather than the apparent vacuum of ignorance when faced with the Metaphysical.

But what did this weeks phasing bring to the table? Don’t forget. The new-new thing for attempting to explain consciousness from a “Scientific, Empirical” perspective is “integrated information theory”: IIT. How that mashes with illicit sex or strangle fucking I don’t know but stay with me.

56. At his feet Sarfus bound a rough rope more to stop the twitching and movement. He had to drive the largest peg through the Achilles heel at an angle to get both feet in one peg. Longinus had only seen this once before. 353. It had been a Greek that had offended some minor politician and it was a direct order for him to die in the most painful and longest manner possible. ‘What were this mans crimes?’ thought Longinus. ‘Why such a thing?’ Sarfus made no mistake and the peg drove through the flesh like a hot iron straight into the pilot hole. 29. The scourged man hardly moved, a kin to pain, a brother to it, it was  a normal part of his world such is the Prophet dragged from the Ambrosionics. Shortly he was lifted into position and as the men made haste with the crowd at a lower point on the hill Longinus inspected the work and the stationing of his men. 

I might add, that I don’t believe it will ever be possible to reach a general consensus about what consciousness “is”. Like all Liminal/trickster phenomena, it evades reductionist or empirical explanations. I do think that at an individual level, it’s possible (through Phase Shift) to get a better feel for what it is, and what it is not. Fucking at the edge of ones phase is vastly helpful in that regard. Fucking desperate hungry women who don’t want to care any more. When they decide to ‘fuck’ you then you look inside and see yourself looking back.

39.The scourged man now naked on the cross apart from his Twisted Crown. Longinus had forgotten to take it off. 63. Time it seemed had stopped for a moment and Longinus had a moment to stop and lean upon his spear and take a breath. The workmen and a few Soldiers had left the hill and were picking their way down the rocky paths back to the City. Most of the crowd followed and left behind were perhaps the scourged mans family and friends. They were quietly crying and sobbing outside the circle of his men positioned in case the small gathering approached and took the scourged man down. 105.What sadness this was, Longinus was tired and felt a lethargy upon him, a loss.

The Secret horseshit-entrapment-matrix parlance, despite every Guru’s insistence we “only use 11.36% of our brain,” the most robust result of all these measurements is that meditation seems to reduce brain activity rather than ramp us up into some super-powered state. Meditation is Mind Control, it turns you into a grinning fruitcake. Pliable beast, cattle, Oxen, happy at the yoke.

Two thousand years into the future Longinus would sit at that spot, eyed by Israeli Police and Palestinian tradesmen selling Cheap souvenirs for fat Europeans and Americans. Buildings crowded around him as he sipped Tea from a Vendor. He sat and pretended to read his newspaper but his knowledge now poured from him as fresh sweat. 23. The position of that Crucifixion now a place for people to sell refreshments and cheap things to take home. What did they know that he did not? But the rockets and the bombs flew over his head in that particular Jerusalem. That particular place The City of the lost of course, linked between lines of power it feeds back within itself and leaks some of the Eigen into the reality they live within. 65. It pulls the Souls of these believers into it and twists them to hate not love. Jerusalem is cursed. The New Jerusalem a lie.

It would seem that our understanding is always mediated through the sexual act. The act derives meanings through emotion with other psychological forms via intellectual structures that provide correspondences between the various forms. Some very wise folk seem to feel a need to ‘return to the HomePath’, so as, it seems to me, to transcend inherent limitations of this fucking Monad based world.

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