Helter Skelter Frequencies



Well you clicked on the link! Brilliant! We are getting to you at last. This message is the work of many people who love you, we have been trying so hard to get through to you and this Blog was the only entrance into the world you are living in now. You have been asleep for many years, in a kind of coma. This message is our love for you and we want you to wake up and come home! Please wake up!

“Britpop was massively pushed by the government,” he said. “Someday it would be interesting to read all the MI5 files on Britpop. The wool was pulled right over everyone’s eyes there.” Kevin Shields

The Trauma toads are sparring with my social judgment and the former will eventually win so what the hell. I want so much to know what the hell happened to me. Something sure did. After that time in LA, I isolated having smoked something laced with angel dust or LSD, and did not fully come back into my body for years. What it means? Who knows.

The end had come and he watched the Sky fall and that place be taken away. The breath from his mouth was sucked away from him by the strength, the wrath that fired the ground beneath him and cut away the detritus. He held the raw Yew tighter as the crucified man wailed strange words at the wind. “Why have you taken me away when things were left undone?” This Man cried out. The sudden blow stricken, tight, too bright for me to see, I feel the anger of a Father, the rough hands of him who makes things, the shavings of Cedar at his feet are fragrant and he walks from his workshop to stand in the cool breeze that blows from the sea, his hands on his hips, proud. The Sun is hot but the sweat on his brow is as refreshing water. He can smell bread from the stoves across the way where the Bakers sing Hymns and songs as they work.

I still loved her although she was gone away to do things that she loved to do. The things we never speak of that splinter the day into its parts or incidents, driving the nails deep into our hearts. What do you do now sweet Princess? What things occupy your time? Homes Under The Hammer? Large glass of wine? Your feet tucked underneath you? The snotty tissues tucked under the cushion. I hold the door frame in a deathly grip as the machines scream. 

We fucked and were lost for a while you and me. I suspect we could have starved to death in your cold flat as we just fucked for hours. Then you would sleep as I sat on the floor smoking and looking out of the window, my head too fragile to nestle with you in that warmth. Do you remember me Superstar Princess? I saved you from these things, these visions. I kept you safe from harm and that’s why I suffered but couldn’t tell you why.

I see you half asleep on your bed your beautiful body unveiled like a Phoenix, that hair so long, so lush and so teasing. I unbuttoned your shirt and I opened the blinds so the Sun came in. I gently bit your neck and pinched your nipple hard, and you said “Fuck” and had an orgasm that shook your shoulders and made a tendril of your hair slip over your eye. Coiled Gold. Blue eyed. California girl.

Swiftly with some fear he swung his Spear around him in an arc, his preparation unique, flowing, he was a Soldier of course. To the end of the shaft he slid the Iron hard wood to its end and pierced the man upon the cross. The spear entered his right side and our Soldier twisted it searching for the Hepatic artery and a swift end for this poor beaten thing and an end to this suffering. He did not deserve it, he did not ask for it. The Spear withdrawn caused a fountain of the warm blood to cover the head of the Soldier and drip into his eyes. He held his head tight and cried out to the night. “Charlie? Charlie?”

Eigenwise these Eigeneyes. My Brothers still shudder at the hand that cast their God aside as an errant child. He cast them aside as chaff in the wind or a lock of hair. Saw myself and my Brothers as Ash to be cleared away from the hearth. What power this God had and indeed what power he has in us too for are they not figments of his thoughts? The Eigen is a curtain used to hide and make simple stories for those that look only at shadows and think them real…

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