From Those Wastes


The way they carabouse and hold back the lies
foolish and I dont want to, in the end, purge the fire
and if you stop then you said to me
what about the children? are they mine?
tears and fates the interchange of mind of lazy flies
the rest of it, I never had I suppose
sweet notes of Orange and then. running away
always side to side and I’ll never run that fast again
after all these years on the fucking charge
for preachers and gunmen and lads all alike
clouds of dust and louder luck
have we got loose have we lost the charge?
pull your face away from the sun lets all drink for a change
pull off your shoes and laugh awhile at the heathen Gods above
for we ask questions and demand everything
all at once please the gesture that we so innocently own
the hand of soil drifts idly on an absent mind
you. stretched out on the grass. elated for the facts you act
the furious things we say and cast looks to Jerusalem
between the hills the glint the eyelash in the eye
the fractured half chewed light the brazen breast to hold
for skylarks fly no more in the words that he said
fears. sleep and nobody to answer the door
the shadows flicking into vision evermore
easy as you go and end up brave and strong
light the flames and shatter the blackest sun
for after the lowest man always come the bitterest son
cast the magic and you won’t even know you’ve gone to sleep

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