My Blonde Cop


It’s neither here nor there, right hands for left hands
phone calls from every American who looks for life
chicken tits and eloquent fat girls in McDonalds
also unsure of what the fuck he’s talking about
whispering into a fag packet that he thinks is a radio
for long drives into the countryside
looking at times when it was simple used to be
without being frozen and stuck in stuttered gasps
for all of the future times and lock ins, dreams
but you look lost and that smile is pasted on
the buttercups and cupcakes lost in shabby chic hell
cracked plaster cup of tea maker
off with the girls and too much wine faker
tits out filed down trail blazer
fucked up call for shots hopes lies regrets confession
it’s lovely how you have settled in
fantastic how it worked out
amazing how little and so fast
chastened in your newly married luscious glow
too little and maybe too fucking slow

They walked around the small Tesco and she had her Police Uniform on and he felt weird. People definitely acted strange when there was a cop around. They looked at him funny too and he felt fucking weird. The Cocaine, the weed, the MDMA in his pocket now felt weird as she bumped against him. Searching for a Pizza or something to eat later. She made him eat but he was never hungry. He enjoyed the pain in his stomach as the acids ate him slowly away, the alertness, the predatory nature of his hungry self. Bump again.
He wasn’t amused by it. The Security guard was a Rastaman made strange by the fact that this hot Cop was really a colleague, in the now, tomorrow, maybe not. She bumped into him again and he reached out and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Smiled she did, laughed a little, the accumulation of the contact was enough that he felt pushed by her energy.
She picked a Pizza up, two bottles of white wine which she knew about, told him, he listened. Forgot, two months ago lost in space, drifting, engines fucked. He carried the bags back to the van and she climbed in, gracious and beautiful. She let her hair out of her cap. Hair like an Ivory knife, expensive and lush.
Take the two tabs of MDMA, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and he laughed and nearly choked on the dry tablets. Quickly she opened the wine and shoved the bottle at him, he drank, coughing and forced the tablets down. The street lights blazed through choking tears but she opened her mouth. He popped one in hers. Take the wine get lost in it, sour thing, swallow it all up.
When they got back to the flat he would chop her a huge slug of coke and he would watch her do it as he made a cup of tea.

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