When We Were Wizards



Wizards sit and think of home
The way things used to be when everything mad an insane sense
When the altars were only sticky with spilt beer or pop
Things that fluttered across the dark streets were just a plastic bag from Aldi
Whispers just that nonsense you speak when intoxicated
The rages just that
Fires were red not blue and dead
The people laughed and we always went to bed
When the chimes rang twelve and those were slave bells
Sorted work and the day to day work Hells
The sky just that up there hanging like a shroud
The cries we made were shrill and a little too loud
Our robes just clothes and no unformed magic
History, love and science all tragic all sick all bundled up in parchment thick
Your hand pointed to shout and accuse now for writing letters to Angels and gatekeepers
When we weren’t wizards then home was around the corner
Prison bound last orders
Our feet now tread through wet grass

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