The Fail Rail


Strange and incomplete, a false thing too bright
Strange for strangers, and those who wander these roads
They boil their hate up on black polished stoves
Realise their need to know and the diamonds of knowledge fall
Pick apart threads, scarred fingers, eyes too pale to properly see
Scatter the light, too bright
Sail and rope lashed tight
The everlasting bitter fights
We travel and share whatever poison we have
For this route cleans and lay suffering again
Nailed wrists for histories end
Climb steep mountains and view sweeter glens
Valleys run deep and expose the minted breath
The endless stutter the eyes that flutter the breadth of it to stagger
Shy touch to ease the passing of the rage
To embrace the danger the eager need to please
For the hand that slips on the crumbling rock is grasped
Annihilation and sad sweeter laughs
Great tricks and illusions no sense no feel no marked road
For the maps are crumbled creased and old
Forgive, think better things
Liven the embers with rapid violence
Seek no end when the final test is done, finished
Write for the future where they will understand
When you survey on high this sad blasted land

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