Shit Listener Wizard Finder


“you have to take in a little to take it out”

In the valley they press the circles into you with whispers while you hover between sleep and pre-sleep but that’s ok. I mean what’s the point of coming here if it isn’t for answers? The pressing makes you a little sick and the rustling of their Mildew coated rough woolen robes tends to knock you awake again just when you think that dirty finger they point at you will give some answer to the questions.

You think they would speak some form of language but that’s not the case. They have already said everything you needed to know if you even bothered to listen, or even knew of them at all. The Grateful Dead offered a few choice words so did David Frost, so did Carl Jung effortless was his delivery of course. So they cajole the half asleep with riddles knowing the answers are not theirs to give, they are ours always. You have lost your lighter again, but it was deep in your pockets all along.

Forgotten, bodies flung under the pillow mounds with the Rabbits. A clue showed to you by Grace Slick and Robert Anton Wilson. The three Grey Wizards sit and converse and have done for uncounted years…

Rydym yn eistedd ac yn lash ein geiriau at ei gilydd ar gyfer cryfder a cheisio hedfan geiriau hyn i chi gysgu cuddio eich pen i ffwrdd oddi wrth y cyffyrddiadau o ysbrydion a gwirodydd sydd wedi plagued chi ers i chi fod yn blentyn. Rydym yn anfon y lluniau rydych yn tynnu a’r cerddi fyddwch yn ysgrifennu ac eto yr ydych ….

The Apple tree on the hill is open
like gates to heaven itself
but the higher you climb the mountain…

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