singing and taking the thing the music where nobody else sins
for the avalons and shrieking needles the lesser known shit to face
nobody sins nobody can even feel the fingers to grab a hand
and the grip of a Cop arrest is a fleeting fucking thing
a sweeter end a fucking better song to sing
the symbols on the floor. Liar chair. An end and a slitted cloth
a finders fee and an emotional bitter snotted cry out
again the legs fail to get up from the pavement edge
the sitter sits and starts to beg. but can’t get up again
stretched out hand. today wrong maybe again
we can’t get around. we can’t sprint to be alive
hymns we sing and scrabble between the mortar. slicker ends
songs for ends, for sweated bars. for lost skin
whatever. the perfect match the finger wide crack
the singers wrings and fettled things anchor chains
twenty feet under and the surface drags, we know and shatter the edge
we know you fucking lie to the ends. to sit at edges and fucking sing
thoughtless oxygen starved we choke and lie for movement for edges
dresses cling and still we would make a tighter clasp. beg and plead
ease the way in and aim to please. to offer nothing and inbetween
sing at edges. beg and preen. ask give and throw the bribes away
task the taskmaster in between the edge again. but the rain falls
and the mist gets thicker. hold your head don’t get bitter
for her life is shit and she says enough. life at school is tough
the golden seas of happiness leak out. breathe deeper don’t ask or shout
the edges thicker the life bred deep and what coils of sense fall out
ask and receive bury your face within the soft forgiving floor
rooted and fleshed damp skin and endless green the fire is out
the mask slips and names mean anything for idols lashed to ships never sink
657 liars masks as you scratch acoustic sounds to walls that never listen
and he wishes he could make the day last but it always cries and dies
try to keep her there but edge the day. forgive. let the edges sort themselves

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