You opened your wardrobe door and i saw your boots
those tactical cop issue and your uniform. hanging up
i was a bit sad, you were a cop and i hate cops but i love you
those boots were black and polished. you polished them
blondie. you took pride in how you looked
but didn’t give a shit how you were fucked
i lacked the strength. the will to see. you and me
how still we were in the night holding. cold
the houses crumbled away to dust and lay Birmingham bare
we stayed in bed. it didn’t matter. we didn’t care
inside was colder than outside. your cool flesh
my hot skin fevered. close to death.
we lack the capacity to produce steamed breath
stretch and close your eyes let me look at you
it’s not all you know.

i stood outside for half an hour afterwards
leaned up the cold icy van and smoked weed
just warming down. thinking about nothing
the weed was sweet as fuck. taste sensation
manipulated realities as real as what?
my feet in the slush. laughing. checking myself
in the mirror window. motherfucker
she had the blinds half open and i watched
as the slut stopped all the clocks

but the higher you get the righter you are
and the feeling gets you by
then as i watch you feather the air and sigh
inside your flat. bedsit. heating’s shit
you jumped in the van and smiled.
i am going to try and get back someday and see

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