You Cant Always Get What You Want


There was never a sunset reflected anywhere
and no great saviour appeared with bleeding heart
just another day spent living the years
underneath me you come and give a little
as i smoke weed i stare at your arse
a thousand scepters raised for Gods
we shuffle our knees along the church floor
we lack social graces we do, we are blinded
the tighter the strap and harder to bite
i bite my knuckle and shut the voices out
blessed the six golden angels on the six peaks

the rolling stones can fuck off, they should have split up
they should have fucked off in 79
died from the lack of skill show business fucktards

you listen but dont as the pills i gave you bite
and the darker the heart the brighter the light

fuck Mick Jagger the cunt, and Bono and fucking Geldoff
the lost, the bitter, the clown show

my voice glittered and poets woe
fire up your sweet arse to me again
you fucking slut
you cant always get what you want

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