Fingers Deep Within The Brick


Woman standing in dooorway – March 1, 2010 – Original Oil Painting Blog by American Oil Painter Daryl Urig

They have been talking again and amplifying
and it maybe the deceiving that gave us time
we talked of the signs and what they mean
as it happened it was simple lies that wanted to be
but we look to the heavens above and clap loudly
smile at the things you have made and are to be
pick the thread of the cushion and stare
for the things within you are here nor there
the net curtain blows a little, like a ghost
let the dogs bark roll breathless outside the window
inside the outside the smell of a cars exhaust
give a thought, through your eyes, the triangle of blue
at the window corner, through the dust, a fashionable ease
for the children cry outside and I fade
and there’s always something else to drink
or faith, something under your hands
underneath the overhang the air is fresh
look to the sky and see nothing at all
that truth is long gone and shadows fly again
your hair looks like a mess but it’s a given thing
for the love and the hate the needle brings
fly straight and enter forbidden lives of them
home i suppose in a little pink pill
a remembrance just a little rattle in the throat
lay out your arms and I will stand on that doorstep forever
your new red shoes sparkle in the cold
it eats through me straight to the bone again
but I open your dressing gown and you are fire in my hands
tight flesh in cold air
I’m not what you wanted but I’m here for you
stars bitter things above biting harder than pain
that frost that click of a heel on the sandstone step
turn, to the right and feel the spiral turn and me burn
we are one and are hopeless

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