For Blonde Haired Cops (Love Song For Mary Millington)


As a kid back in 1976 or so, i found a faded copy of ‘Fiesta’ a best selling porn mag of that era. Most of it was that dreamy ‘bushy’ soft core porn that at least made my own eyes open a little. Fuck it, i’m not talking about that shit, it’s private. Suffice to say I fell in love with a small selection of photos of Mary Millington in a variety of poses dressed as a Policewoman. A woman I fell totally in love with. Now Blondes and Cops are a major problem for me. See ‘Songs For Eris’ on Amazon somewhere.

Was it worth it? You were so fair, and us just heathens

Still you fell and probably still are, on your golden wings

through the stars again, inside, pure silk

Inside and around the leather seat, I won’t be here

Frost the glass with passioned breath, in a Lilac night

Lens the sleepers awake and fear, don’t look at the camera

You don’t fade but lift the glass again, it’s hard to bite

soak up the marks on the cold floor, what can I say

I hear you under the rumble of fate, bad tracked videotape

It was you under those eyes, you changed

that kept the stranger tuned, what a lie

and glisten never turn to dust, writhe and twist

I watch your wild ways, the still fingers

stand and wonder why in those days i could dream

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