When They Asked


What was it (pause) the system?
Wind and rain. Pull not push. Enables the current body to pull this existence into the next. Ours.
So you don’t have a Home world?
This is our Home world. Pushed or pulled.
But this is Earth, populated by Humans, us.
If a name ever existed i would too use it.
So Earth exists here in this time and another exists in another alternate universe?
This time? No, another possibly.
Another conundrum, which means a riddle, again.
Indulge me in my ignorance. Another system perhaps.
Another system? Magical system?
To be fair yes, to be unfair yes.
Too sick to see you now, is there a problem?
No, concentration wavers and things are lost, forgotten.
Travelers? You have lost them in the past?
Certainly. We are all lost, never find home. We yearn.
Yes, the hollow man principle.
Tasks we are given. Yet I suspect they were all me, all along.
The only one alive.
But, are we not all dead all sleep?
No, not yet anyway. They are close now.
I feel them outside with weapons. They are angry.
They think you are a religious fiction. A demon.
Yes. I reflect well the others gentle thoughts.
You amplify? You take account of your actions?
But for the love of these green fields you have. Unfocused.
They blur do they not. Over the course of a trip.
Yes. They are sick things these thoughts from Humans.
As us? Have we the right to judge?
You see the eyes of this me are Black and soak the light?
Yes. They are disconcerting.
Peace and trust all gone to rust.
Would you take account? From these Elders you have?
Your Fathers Fathers. They watch and we don’t know why.
You have seen them?
They are you. You lock up the light tight. It’s vision.
The sight of God?
In your bodies you hold it in and only let it out when you are ash.
I thought it was so. Thank you

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