Fuck The Moon


No one’s going to see the false eyes that bleed
for the common good and the lesser need
the briefest exchange of looks and hands that sweat
and it’s better baby if these things are unsaid
you sit on the toilet and cry but that’s ok
just position the light right so they get your best side
then we’ll take a ride in the car so they can see you
a look will take a book to fill, but i can’t tear my eyes away
the wind makes your tears streak away
watch the hedgerows black against the blue night
hooded thieves, back stabbers, hiders of things
they design their own bitter heartless lives
but hold on tighter, the closer the better
and fuck the Moon and the lights in the dark
the grasp of a breast hard bitter, last night in the park
but i press with my thumb your love fat lower lip
we smile and think of sicker vile things
to release the shaded half too sick to see
and the twisted love that you give to me
hands that move the faint hearted aside
greater loves to live and fuck all to hide
laugh and run all you want sweetheart
we watch through the wired glass

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