Purely For Wild Girls Who Look At The Sea

a lonely girl waiting sea shore

You stand and just look at the sea
like some chick in a film
the sea breeze throws your hair back
and i feel the sparkle and the burn
we are a pair and we yearn don’t we?
you think you are alone and the sea pulls
at that place by your navel
that aches when we cry
you hold on tight to the stainless steel rail
you close your eyes and pray
don’t think that my hand doesn’t cover yours
i feel that pull I swear
yet I haven’t got the courage to say yet
the sky is shattered again my eyes to see
a prayer for the lying and a pure heart to flee
the flowers in your eyes
the certain line to take heel at
so here’s what you do and blink away the tears
we all play parts in front of God
yet a man like me can find the one
submit and look at me a minute
around my vision the colours
so i got up out of bed and looked outside
at the sky and i knew what to do
I have finally given up and you have me
take out your heart and show me
my head against the window is cool and wet
finally at peace all I have is me
my legs too weak to get down on one knee
but look at the sky too and smile the way you do
as fears are the promise of those who fool
but there is no rain today and nobody cries
no wet shoes and trials of those too young
tonight you are mine and full in mind
but for shattered men with dark black souls
that the Bluesmen shivered to start a song
hold on then let go for a minute
but the sea just goes on
and the wild girls still have fun

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