Happy You Are Back


Hey you are back from the sad
away from the cold and the harshest stares
the freakiest freaks and the hurts
we are ok aren’t we? we get along
try to push away the freezy head
and the looking at TVs that shout out
between our thoughts
we love the way the car moves fast
down the A449 twisting through the drones
always lookin’ at their phones
as they wait at the lights
dreaming of things we don’t understand
but i have some pills that will send you out
among the stars never left behind
and we can drive fast and laugh as they kick in
the lines become bars and the life we live in
but we giggle and scream at the places that pass
speed through the islands at 66mph
and you grip on tight
we think of things that always seem so sad
but they pass by and never look that bad
glad to feel and we fear nothing much
just glad to be here, do we fear?
in my pocket another sullen fact i’ll keep quiet
but hey we are a pair and the people still stare
and we don’t really care
the wind blows back your hair and you shut your eyes
pretend you are flying through the air
never forget to feel, don’t close off
i am happy you are back

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