Unsung help in the Black Iron Prison

Joe on the Mountain

Give me a helping hand for a second
as i choke and weep.
Guide my feet into safe footholds as i cling.
Shelter me from the rain and wind.

Salve my pains and agonies.
Redemption is a distant place amongst the ruin of skulls.
Rescue me strong hand upon shoulder grasped.
Heaved and shuttled through the battered path.

Joe,ive had enough, pick me up.
Footprints through trampled heather.
My sorrow grows heavy, help is what i ask.
Pleading platitudes and worship.

A lamb i am, a shepherd you are.
Take me home to the straw and warmth.
Bring me light a servant orders.
This and that picked over like crowed bones.

We wait upon the mountain and rest awhile.
A wound upon Joe bleeds in the Bilberry.
Blood splashed skin ached torment.
He retches and picks me up again.

Cradled child upon the arms of Joe.
Slipped and clutched again gasped pain.
He stumbles brave heart and magnificent.
Hands held to the stormy skies.

I reach and pick him up, light as a fallen leaf.
Transparent vessel helpess kittened.
We climb the mountain his body held.
At the top we’ll rest awhile.

The Prophecy of Michael Petalengro

Friend forgotten left abandoned,
we remember where you came from.
Hard wired existence bereft of touch,
instinct lost love left.
A jumble of cluttered words a stamp of
oiled flesh.
A plucked string resonates a heaving breast,
coloured flash of insight and cathode stink.
Skin flushed light tempered sweat,
salt licked drop of lust.
Camera eyed artificial greeting displayed,
and trumped again a call unheard.
Laced tight skin aflame and gentle lashed,
invasion intake of sour breath.
Geometry of meaningless line and byte,
a vision unseen eyes closed.
Masked a breath choked and pulled from throat,
when arms hold tight in pelvic violence.
An end beheld clawed soil and rotten board,
collapse in patent leather shine.
Burned and blasted cost unknown a subtle bone,
shed tears for days collect.
A hand offered to drowning gasp of fear,
water of existence floods the lung.
Grasped awake, new dawned awareness littered