House of Maggots (Crawling space in the roof of the Black Iron Prison)

Laughter coughed up like blood spilled in the air,
another hacking humerous tirade.
Brilliant spiking giggle stabs the ribs and penetrates
the heart, he speaks…..
Of Bombs and guns and knives and swords and every word
loaded with maggot and fly.
With kind words and solace a comforting hand upon the shoulder,
a brushed away tear of acid fear.
Of peace and fulfillment of joy and rage of love and honour,
he lilts and tilts clownish humour.
Violence soothed with soft hands and mellow voice of sickly
vomit tainted breath of apology…he soothes too hard and breaks
the spine with pats of sympathy.
Hot spread of semen seeks a place unknown of love and joy broken
upon a stoney desert and sand itching upon soft tissues.
The Joy once deserved is broken never healed splashed upon the
cracked pavement, insect ridden, a palace of worms, a barbed wire
halo of pain.
A trickle of whispers becomes a beating of rumour begats a phalanx
of fear…a river running sheets held tight in the rictus of release.
Beyond all a web of string from cotton frail to thickened wire expanse
and light blocking onscures the sun and tugs the nerve and the sinew.
Jerk and bluster and giggle at the pull and twitch.
A place lies hidden built upon foundations bereft of splashed joy, of
long nights when whispers strong float upon the stairs.
Hide and seek of glimpses, dreams and knowledge ignored, the Lamb butchered
and made real again…
upon a mountain side he waits and sits upon a rock he watches the ebb and flow
of the river.
The wind blows and he laughs at the simple twitching of the stalk and seed and fallen petal ruffled.
There is a place beside him,shown by calloused hand strong with labour of scrabbling upon the rocks scarred by the sun as hands beseeched the sky.
Knowledge and peace the sword abandoned cast down and broken never cutting the swathe
of wire.
Sit and gaze upon the land below and a hand upon the shoulder presses once, everything is shown true the giggler unmasked shrugs and wanders away.
We watch the sunrise, i am home

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